There is a lot of information available, including reported cases and any outbreak information at Georgia department of health main website. The main website for the whooping cough in Georgia is located at the following address:

George has programs that can aid in the cost of the whooping cough vaccine for uninsured or underinsured patients and children. you can access their PeachCare for Kids program or Medicaid to get more information for eligibility and enrollment. George also is part of the VFC – Vaccine for Children program.

For your convenience please see the contact info below:

PeachCare For Kids
P.O. Box 2583
Atlanta, GA 30301-2583
(Fax) 1-866-259-3404
(Phone) 877-GA-PEACH / (877-427-3224)

Vaccines for Children
GA Immunization Program
2 Peachtree St NW, 13-276
Atlanta, GA 30303
(Phone) 800-848-3868 or 404-657-5013/5015
(Fax) 800-372-3627 or 404-657-5736


For detail information on the required immunization in the state of Georgia please see the following pdf document:

We would like to make this page as comprehensive as possible, so if there is anything missing that you would like to see added here please write to us at the comments below!

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